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Dive Safari hosts an exquisite number of over 60 different liveaboard boats. Most of our boats are MV's motor vehicle yachts ranging from 22 meters to forty meters in size.
The verify dive will enable the dive guide to gauge the experience and luxury stage of the group and particular person divers. This data will help the captain and crew to decide on one of the best dive sites suited to the friends and the current climate circumstances.
Hard coral gardens on the east and west corners with acroporas, mind and salad coral. diving center amc hurghada Fun dive on the south aspect by way of the shallow labyrinth of caves, tunnels and passages. Shouna Seagrass - The fine sand of Shouna helps a lush seagrass mattress that runs down the middle of the bay and around two shallow pinnacles. This is a classic dive the place you will not need to go far to see giant whiptail rays and green turtles.
Ghost pipefish, snake eels and shrimpfish are often seen but one of the greatest sights is the big school of golden trevallies that hunt in the seagrass like a pack of canine. Interested in divers, these large fish come very close - however beware the sand path the leave behind! For the fortunate ones additionally, Dyson our local dugong is noticed here. Situated south of Fury Shoal, this large natural lagoon is formed by an enormous reef (sha'ab) rising from the depths. The fame of Sataya is rising, with steep drop offs together with pelagic sightings, and protected pinnacles smothered in soft and hard corals.

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Next onto the Kingston lying at Shag Rock, the Carina mendacity near Sha'ab Ali and the Dunraven at Beacon Rock. Northerly reef face slopes to 30m, then plummets vertically to much higher depths.
  • The islands are far from the mainland and any other dive websites, which means that when your boat visits it will keep for no less than the whole day.

But the real stars could be the massive pods of spinner dolphins that frequent right here, which means Sataya has become the 'Dolphin House' of Hamata. The "Small Father of the Pool" is near its smaller sister, Abu Galawa Soraya and could be well-liked for liveabaord boats in search of overnight shelter.
The Tien Hsing Chinese tugboat would be one of the well-known wrecks in the Red Sea if it was positioned additional North, as a result of some gorgeous gentle and onerous coral bouquets operating the length of the 34mt tug. Often used as a stopping point on the trips down/again from St John's to Marsa Ghalib Port, Shaab Sharm is a large oval reef with walls - both an excellent day or night dive. Gota Kebir - This is a massive reef, famous for its tunnels and south plateau, the place jacks and barracudas can be seen and the occasional manta.

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Our boats can host anyplace from 10 to 26 divers depending on the liveaboard yacht, with a selection of finances-friendly up to luxurious liveaboard. Electricity and web connections are sometimes out there but are topic to extra fees relying on the boat. Night dives can be very good as Gubal Island presents protected anchoring for the night time. A small wreck at eight-10 metres makes for a spectacular night time dive with lionfish, scorpion fish and its resident big moray eel as well as the wreck of the Ulysses.